Ed Collier
Landscape Architect & Designer

Every well designed landscape exists within a context of environment, users and creators:  a beautiful blend of geometric forms and nature’s lyrical possibilities.  An interesting interplay of color and textures, darkness and light, the still and the moving and all changing along with the seasons and our perceptions.

Since graduating with honors from Penn State University’s nationally ranked curriculum in Landscape Architecture, Ed has designed with such prestigious offices as Barnes-Coy Architects, Blaze Makoid Architects,  Phillip Birnbaum & Assoc., Engel GGP and Landgarden. Mentors including the renowned architects and landscape architects Sam Braverman, Ed Bye,  David H. Engel and Dennis Piermont have instilled much more than the technical proficiency that has led to numerous awards; they have shared their experiences and feelings.  These bits of magic together with my intuitive American Indian senses create wonderful added results.

My body of work covers Estates, City Roof Tops and Terraces, Commercial, Educational, Institutional, Interior, Luxury Housing, Public Housing along with Parks and Recreational.

My projects have often been filmed. One was the initial telecast on the national program, Curb Appeal.

Look for Continuing Education courses taught by Ed Collier in our NYC colleges and universities.